Ideals of Love Initiative

Towards the Purpose of Heart

Aligned with Love's Purpose

     Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of belief systems, we all share one thing in common, we want to have healthy and happy relationships. If our relationships are the most important thing in life, 

why do we see so much breakdown of relationships? 

 It can only be attributed to one thing; the ignorance and confusion of Love's purpose.  

The good news is that this purpose is within each one of us. When we look inside our hearts, we know for certain that we are designed for love. The Transformation of our relationships and the world can happen through aligning our lives with Love's purpose. This alignment is the path to realizing lasting peace . 

Aligning our Intellect, Emotion and Will with the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of Love.

      Peace in our relationships can be realized when our intellect, emotion and will are aligned with the purpose of fulfilling Love. This purpose is revealed in our highest Ideals of Love, which orignate from within our hearts.  We achieve this alignment by  examing our Values, Visions and Missions for each area of life, based upon the truth, beauty and goodness of Love. This is ' The Seven Ideals Values, Visions, and Missions' methodology.  

The Seven Ideals Values, Visions and Missions Workshops

       In the Ideals of Love SIVVM Workshop we become clear about our core values, visions and missions, we are inspired and empowered to speak out and stand up for Love's purpose. In this respect, Ideals of Love provides for a transformation on the level of our deepest beliefs, It is a  genuine transformation, one that is grounded in our commitment to strive for the realization of Love within ourselves, our relationships and for the sake of lasting, world peace. 

    The Couples SIVVM Workshop is designed to establish a unified set of values, visions and missions as the foundation for building a lasting, meaningful relationship. It  is  valuable for whatever stage your relationship is in; dating, engaged or married. 

        The shared SIVVM  Workshop is designed for any other dynamic of relationship, be it with family members, friends or co-workers. 


Seven Ideals of Love

I. Source

 The first of the Seven Ideals is that the Universe was motivated by and conceived in the longing of the purpose of being in relationship, which is the very definition of Love. 

II. I am Love

Soul: Ideals of Love is dedicated to the self development of individuals spirits and minds as unique expressions of Love. 

III. My Body of Love

Body: Ideals of Love teaches effectiveness in our relationship with our bodies as temples and vehicles for love which is expanded through words and actions. 

IV. Pure Couple

Couple: This program is a framework for couples to organize and align their highest ideals for a rich, fulfilling, and lasting relationship. 

V. One Family of Love

Ideals of Love is teaches the importance of relationship above all else and the opportunity to organize our relationships as a family of love. 

VI. Creation of Love

Ideals of Love acknowledges nature as a expression of love and a confirmation of our highest ideals.

VII. Ideal World of Love

Ideals of Love teaches the awareness that we are creators contributing to a world of abundance and peace.