Ideals of Love

Ideals of Love

Revealing The Purpose of Life Paradigm

Ideals of Love Programs

Ideals of Love Talk

This overview provides a glimpse into the power of our highest Ideals to be used as a framework for organizing our lives and building our relationships upon. This talk can be as short as fifteen minutes or as long as a ninety minute keynote presentation. 

The SIVVM Workshop

The Seven Ideals Values, Visions & Missions Workshop is a one day facilitated journey into the landscape of our core beliefs to examine our alignment with the truth, beauty and goodness of Love. It is the foundation for being clear about what we want in our relationship and how we will show up in our commitment to the purpose of realizing Love. Workbook included.


This power point webinar presentation of Ideals of Love provides an opportunity for anyone to learn about this message remotely.  

An Idea whose time has come!


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Seven Ideals of Love


I. Source

 The first of the Seven Ideals is that the Universe was motivated by and conceived in the longing of the purpose of being in relationship, which is the very definition of Love. 

II. I am Love


Soul: Ideals of Love is dedicated to the self development of individuals spirits and minds as unique expressions of Love. 

III. My Body of Love


Body: Ideals of Love teaches effectiveness in our relationship with our bodies as temples and vehicles for love which is expanded through words and actions. 

IV. Pure Couple


Couple: This program is a framework for couples to organize and align their highest ideals for a rich, fulfilling, and lasting relationship. 

V. One Family of Love


Ideals of Love is teaches the importance of relationship above all else and the opportunity to organize our relationships as a family of love. 

VI. Creation of Love


Ideals of Love acknowledges nature as a expression of love and a confirmation of our highest ideals.

VII. Ideal World of Love


Ideals of Love teaches the awareness that we are creators contributing to a world of abundance and peace.