Ideals of Love

Ideals of Love

Products and Programs

Ideals of Love Talks

   Jas is available for giving introduction and keynote presentations.  These talks are centered on the core message that we can foster more harmonious relationships by striving towards our shared Ideals. Jas helps facilitate important conversations for helping people find common ground for their relationships, supported by many powerful exercises for self-discovery. 

The Seven Ideals Values, Visions, Mission: SIVVM Workshop

 This transformational workshop is an in depth engagement of  each Ideal, using the Seven Ideals Values, Visions and Missions Exercise- A talk is given about the Ideal, followed by a discussion and the exercise. It concludes by each participant completing a SIVVM Statement, which can be placed upon their SIVVM Board. 


Ideals of Love Symbol

The Beautiful image of Ideals of Love serves as an anchor for us to strive towards bringing our Ideals into reality. There are multiple versions of this image that are available as artwork, apparel, key chains, magnets and stained glass. These products can be purchased at the events and workshops and will soon be available online.